Two performers on stage facing away from each other, one holding a cubic machine and standing in front of glitchy projection

Stage for Digital, Contagious, and Networked Bodies and Code++ (SFDCANBAC++)

Bodies, colorful objects, live-codes and glitter pixels continuously change their constellations on the stage – superimposing and subtracting, grouping and ungrouping – while the abundance of “actors” never arrives to a specific form. The performance is a “petri dish” where something happens as if in the lab environment, but there is no linearity nor anecdote. It is the audience members – being active spectators – who have to make sense of the phenomena on the stage as if they are scientists. Online and on-site audience members have access to an interface to which they can connect from their phone or computer. They can intervene in the performance by writing computer code; but no prior knowledge is required because the artificial intelligence assistant, Copilot AI will help them. Thus, the online and on-site audience members become part of actors in the performance – as a fragmented body and code.

Cover Photo: Urška Boljkovac

Duo link: https://best-practices.glitch.me/

Jorge Guevara

Colombian Choreographer, Multimedia & Interaction Designer based in Brussels. Bridging art & science, dance & technology, in artistic practice and doing academic research at http://motionbank.org/ – University of applied sciences Mainz (Project originally founded by choreographer William Forsythe). Guevara’s work proposes playgrounds where the body in time-space becomes a source of non-binary knowledge. They propose abstraction as a strategy to decolonize knowledge. A blurry gaze at the constant state of becoming. They create choreographies that linger at the threshold of exciting and forgetting where the body is a source of healing. Jorge’s work has been presented in New Media Art, ArtScience and Performing Arts festivals such as Ars Electronica, Documenta, Impulstanz, NODE Forum for Digital Arts, KUNSTENFESTIVALDESARTS.

Links: https://jorgeguevara.myportfolio.com, https://designingart.eu/

Naoto Hieda

Naoto Hieda (1990, Japan) is an artist based in Germany with Bachelor of Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan, 2012) and Master of Engineering from McGill University (Canada, 2015) and is graduating from Diplom II with distinction at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2023. They received danceWeb scholarship (Austria, 2016, mentored by Tino Sehgal), and are a former fellow of Pola Art Foundation (Japan, 2017), Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation (Japan, 2020) and the Academy for Theatre and Digitality (Germany, 2022). Hieda’s artworks have been recently exhibited at Pola Museum Annex (Japan, 2022), Art Fair Tokyo (Japan, 2022), Festival de la Imagen (Colombia, 2022) and Digital Agora (Germany, 2023). As a collective with Jorge Guevara, “Best Practices in Contemporary Dance” (2020-) is a project fostering a queer form of conversation between technology and bodies, presented at IDOCDE (ImpulsTanz, Vienna, 2021), Temps d’Images (tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, 2022) and more.

Link: https://naotohieda.com/

MODINA Residency

The 8-week MODINA residency for the development of this project will take part place at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, in two parts of 4 weeks each. The first part took place between 4/12/2023 and 17/12/2023; and between 5/2/2024 and 18/2/2024. It culminated with an artist talk and a public showing on 14/2/2024. The second part will take place between 3/8/2024 and 31/8/2024. It will culminate with an artist talk and a public showing on 30/8/2024.