The project Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience (MODINA) aims to expand the creative possibilities for contemporary dance performances, and augment the experience for the audience, using digital technology – with an emphasis on exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and audience interaction, on-site and online. This aim has two interconnected approaches, targeting dance artists, media artists (creative technologists) and audiences.

The first approach is to build capacity for dance artists and media artists regarding new digital and AI-based approaches in dance – for preparing, performing, distributing and re-purposing dance works (including online) – through collaboration between artists, technologists and our team.

The second approach is to allow audiences to engage with performances in an augmented way: enhancing the stage context with technology; using audience interaction strategies; through online channels; or a combination of these. 

The project partners are 3 academic institutions and 5 dance centres, across 6 countries, namely:

The dance centres are the main interface with the artistic community and audiences. The universities provide technical and theoretical knowledge and solutions.

MODINA is a 3-year project, ending in March 2026. The outcomes of the project will be: new dance pieces; performances, workshops and seminars; new software tools for contemporary dance performances; new theories and best practices for dance and technology; increased experience, knowledge and opportunities for artists; enhancing and expanding the audience for dance. 

MODINA is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, with €1 million (70% of the total project budget). Grant Number: 101099581-CREA-CULT-2022-COOP-2


(Images from Moving Digits project by Stephan Jürgens)