MODINA Kick-off meeting

Around 10 people surrounding tables, and one monitor in the back. They are paying attention to a dance artist talking

On the 20th and 21st of September 2023, the EU co-funded project MODINA (Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience) hosted their kick-off event at Tallinn University. For the first time, we gathered together with the five artist duos made up of choreographers and creative technologists, selected from our first call for residencies (from 91 duos applying). Eleven representatives from partnering institutions also took part, who will be involved with the MODINA residencies throughout 2024. From the side of Tallinn University, School of Digital Technologies, the participants were Nuno Correia, William Primett (both from the MODINA team), Peeter Normak, David Lamas, Merja Bauters, and several PhD students. There were also guests from BFM and EKA presenting.

Two panel discussions were held amongst the invited artists, exchanging views around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and audience interaction in the context of dance performance. The artists also took part in a creative ideation exercise, allowing them to envision unique prototypes from a collage of drawings, body maps, Polaroid photos, and other imagery. MODINA aims to expand the creative possibilities for contemporary dance performances using digital technology, targeting dance artists, creative technologists, and audiences.


MODINA Dance & Technology Residency - Tallinn 2023