Fully-funded PhD in Movement and Computational Creativity

a dancer raising their right arm, and avatars mirroring their movement are projected in the background

In the scope of the MODINA project, coordinator Tallinn University is offering a fully-funded PhD in Movement and Computational Creativity. Application deadline: 29/June. More information: https://www.tlu.ee/en/dt/applying-phd-school-digital-technologies 


The aim of the research is to expand the creative possibilities for contemporary dance performances and augment the experience for the audience using digital technology – with an emphasis on exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and audience interaction, on-site and online. This aim has two interconnected approaches. The first approach is to build capacity for dance artists and media artists regarding new digital and AI-based approaches in dance – for preparing, performing, distributing and re-purposing dance works (including online) – by assisting in the design and development of creativity-support tools (CSTs). The second approach is to enable audiences to engage with performances in an augmented way: enhancing the stage context with technology; using audience interaction strategies; through online channels (e.g., VR, Metaverse); or a combination of these. Additionally, the research will explore the applicability of the results from these two approaches to related fields beyond dance (e.g., health, well-being, sports, games, and entertainment).