OPEN CALL for MODINA Dance & Technology Residencies (2025)

Two performers on stage facing away from each other, one holding a cubic machine and standing in front of glitchy projection

OPEN CALL for duos of European-based dance artists and creative technologists; Deadline to apply: 4/August


The project MODINA (Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience) aims to expand the creative possibilities for contemporary dance performances, and augment the experience for the audience, using digital technology – with an emphasis on exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and audience interaction. MODINA is a 3-year Creative Europe cooperation project, co-financed by the European Union.

Within the intersection between contemporary dance and technology, increasing attention is being given to AI (computers as creative partners) and to audience interaction (a shift from passive spectators to active participants). This creates interesting challenges for dance artists and creative technologists: how to integrate computational systems and audience members in a performance as co-creators, in a way that enhances the artistic work?


In the scope of MODINA, we are opening a Call for Artist Residencies for multidisciplinary duos, encompassing competences in dance and in technology (particularly related to computational creativity and audience interaction), for example: a dancer/choreographer and a creative technologist. Following the successful first edition of the MODINA residencies, we are organizing 5 more residencies of 8 weeks, across 5 performance centers: CNDB (Romania), Kino Siska (Slovenia), STL (Estonia), tanzhaus nrw (Germany), and Trafo (Hungary). From these 5 residencies, 2 are ‘General’ and 3 are ‘Regional’ (more below under ‘General and Regional Tracks’). These residencies will receive the mentorship from academic partners, from 3 universities: Hochschule Düsseldorf, Tallinn University and University of Lisbon

The five 8-week residencies will take place between January and May 2025.


  • Receive support (resources, mentorship) to develop innovative dance work involving computational creativity and audience interaction
  • Gain further skills and knowledge in integrating technology in dance
  • Network with like-minded artists
  • Share your work with audiences in Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia, through the MODINA network
  • Get exposure to your work through MODINA promotion channels


  • Travel/Accommodation
  • A budget composed of (gross amounts):
    • Artist fee of €5.000 for the 8 weeks per each of the 2 artists
    • Production budget of up to €3.000, which can also be used for hire(s), e.g. an additional dancer or an additional programmer, musician, video artist etc, for example during the 4 weeks in the studio.
    • Additional production needs might also be covered, in agreement with the host institution
  • Access to equipment of the host institution
  • Assistance of (at least) one stage technician, available throughout the full 4 weeks of studio time
  • Advising from a MODINA academic partner throughout the residency (including a 3-day co-located workshop)
  • Promotion
  • Documentation (photos, videos, etc)
  • Invitation to pre/post events:
    • Invitation to kick-off event in Lisbon, 15-16 January 2025, with all 10 selected artists for the 5 residencies and representatives of all MODINA partner institutions (travel, accommodation, and daily fee paid).
    • Showcasing the outcome of the residency in approximately 3 more countries within the MODINA network, in late 2025 / early 2026. This is as a follow-up, outside of the scope of the residency; an additional budget will be proposed for it.
    • Invitation to final event for MODINA in Düsseldorf, in early 2026 (travel, accommodation, and daily fee paid).


  • Weeks 1-3 of the residency will be dedicated to artistic and technical research. They will mostly take place in the facilities of the host institution (but not necessarily in a studio setting). Week 1 of the residency can be remote (to be agreed). In week 2, the academic partner of the residency will run a workshop with the residents, with the objective of assisting in the design and development of technical solutions.
  • In weeks 4-7, the residents will have access to a studio space, and will develop a performative work  around the choreographic concept proposed. In the end of week 7, the residents will present their public showing (20-45 minutes), and also present their process in a public talk (after / before the showing, to be defined)
  • In week 8, the residents will conduct wrap-up activities in the host institution, such as: organize documentation, including archival versions of the showing if possible; package technical outcomes of the project for dissemination; and adapt and prepare for future showing. If demonstrated that these activities can be done remotely, Week 8 of the residency can be remote (to be agreed).


  • Public final showing of residency results, with artist talk
  • Documentation, including archival versions of the showing (if relevant)
  • Open-sourcing of technology (if relevant)


Following the first cycle of residencies in 2024, and keeping the balance between partner regions, we are hosting three ‘Regional’ residencies for the remaining regions of MODINA partners. Regional residency applications are for duos where at least one of the applicants is based (see FAQ) in one of these three regions: 1) Estonia, 2) Hungary, and 3) Slovenia and Western Balkans (defined by the EU as: Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Republic of North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia). General residency applications are for European-based artists who are not located in the partner regions listed above. 


MODINA strives to ensure gender balance, inclusion and diversity during all activity stages. 

  • To ensure a safe space, every participant of MODINA project is required to follow the code of conduct 
  • In our website, you can find a list of what the host institutions can offer in terms of accessibility: 
  • We will make our best efforts to support accessibility in our online presence, for example by adding alt texts to images when published.


  • MODINA promotes an environmentally friendly approach, including travel, so whenever reasonable applicants should use less carbon emitting transportation options. 
  • MODINA artists should also be committed to follow sustainable practices in production where feasible (e.g. reusing materials, sourcing locally, etc). 
  • Projects with high computational power requirements may be expected to report on responsible usage to minimize emissions.

For further guidelines, please see the FAQs. 



  • A 4-page description of the project, addressing MODINA topics, including:
    • A summary, including a visual representation;
    • Needs regarding advising;
    • Technical / space requirements (preferably including visual materials such as diagrams);
    • (if the project builds upon a previous one) a clarification of the development and iteration;
    • (Optional) A statement addressing the sustainable practices that you intend to follow as part of the creation process (see FAQs for guidelines)
  • CVs of both applicants
  • Link to website or online portfolio (with videos) of each applicant


  • Both applicants must be resident in Europe.
  • As a duo, applicants need to demonstrate capabilities
    • in developing and integrating technology in dance practice, 
    • particularly computational creativity and/or audience interaction.


  • Quality of the concept,
    • integrating computational systems and audience members in a performance as co-creators, in a way that enhances the work. 
    • In other words,
      • exploring computational creativity and audience interaction; 
      • delegating creativity and decisions to computational systems and audiences.
    • Optionally, also exploring online / hybrid aspects of a performance.
  • Practical and technical feasibility.
  • Portfolio in contemporary dance (at least from one of the two candidates).
  • Portfolio in computational creativity and media arts (at least from one of the two candidates).


  • Apply until: 4/August (23:59 CEST/Brussels time)
  • Decision by: 17/September
    • including which of the residencies the selected candidates will be matched to (based on availability and overall fit)
  • Kick-off event in Lisbon: 15-16/January
  • Residencies: Between January and May 2025
    • CNDB, Bucharest: 20/Jan – 16/Mar 2025
    • Kino Siska, Ljubljana: 20/Jan – 16/Mar 2025
    • tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf: 24/Feb – 20/Apr 2025
    • Trafo, Budapest: 24/Feb – 20/Apr 2025
    • STL, Tallinn: 31/Mar – 25/May 2025
  • Further showcases (to be agreed later): in late 2025 / early 2026

INFO SESSION, 28/JUNE, 11AM CEST/Brussels time (ZOOM)

APPLY HERE BY 4/AUGUST (23:59 CEST/Brussels time)


  • For additional information, write to:
    modina [dot] europe [at] gmail [dot] com



  • What do you mean by “based in Europe” or “based in region___”?
    • Being based is the region where you are currently residing in, regardless of citizenship status. 
    • In the regional selection process, we do not give preference towards: national or non-national artists based in the given region; only one of the duo based in the region or both.
  • Can I apply as a solo artist?
    • No, you must apply as a duo
  • We are students. Can we apply?
    • Yes, but bear in mind that you should have a strong portfolio of work in your field (see Selection Criteria).
  • Can we apply with our existing project?
    • If the project builds upon a previous one, you will need to provide a clarification of the development and iteration in your proposal.

Other topics

  • I’m based in one of the countries of MODINA. Does it mean my residency will be in that country?
    • Selected regional duos are expected to be hosted outside of their region.
  • Do we have to spend the whole 8 weeks at the host institution?
    • The first and last weeks can be conducted remotely, in agreement with the host institution.
  • Can you provide some references of best practices regarding sustainability for our proposal?

Reference- “TOP TIPS”