Max Levy

Project: Temporal Spaces

Max Levy is a Tokyo-born choreographer and multidisciplinary artist based in Frankfurt am Main. He trained at San Francisco Ballet and performed in America before moving to Europe in 2011. As a soloist at Ballett Staatstheater Nürnberg, he danced notable roles by renowned choreographers, and earned recognition and awards at international competitions. Since 2017, Max works as a freelance choreographer, known for his intersection of meditative processes and charged atmospheres, utilizing performance communication to engage performers and spectators consciously and passively. His recent series “Sleepdancing” explores themes of sleep and attention, engaging audiences to redefine their presence during performances. Levy emphasizes collaboration, empowering artists and performers to contribute significantly to the creative process, ultimately to make work which makes all participants recognize their agency. Levy continues to create choreography while exploring music and visual arts as integral extensions of this work.