Christine Bonansea Saulut

Project: Yugen

Christine Bonansea Saulut is a US-European dancer and choreographer with 20 years of international experience in conceiving, directing/choreographing and performing movement- based works. Artistic director of CBC, founded in 2010, she creates performances, installations, and films. Her work inhabits an experimental, interdisciplinary including new digital media such as VR/AR, and collaborative environment. Selected internationally in residencies and venues in USA, Japan, Korea, Canada and Europe. She is supported by the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Theater Bay Area, the NYC LMCC, DOCK art /Berlin, the JOINT ADVENTURES // NPN and the TakeHeart resumption funded by NEUSTART KULTUR, the program DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Perspektiv Kultur with DOCK Digital Lab residency.