Célia Bétourné

Project: Temporal Spaces

Célia Bétourné is an artist and designer whose work explores the intersection of new media, visual art, and technology. With a Master’s degree in Video Game Direction from Supinfogame Rubika and experience in virtual reality environment creation, artistic direction, and visual prototyping, Célia has a diverse range of skills in real-time content creation & experience design. She is also a co-founder of Cosa Mentale and Acéphale collectives, where she develops projects in immersive experience, interactive installation, generative art and audiovisual performance. In addition to her artistic work, Célia shares her knowledge and skills through freelance missions and training workshops, teaching 3D modeling, prototyping, and virtual and augmented reality creation. With an artistic approach to new technologies, Célia continues to explore the possibilities of digital art and interactive design.

Links: www.cosamentale.fr, www.behance.net/celiabetourne